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Java Performance Training


I'm going to lead a performance taskforce at my customer. I can apply what I learned immediately!
- P.P. Bakker - Independent consultant.

I actually think this was the best training I ever followed!
R. van den Hoven - Freelancer.

We are now able to solve our memory leak and substantially reduce garbage collection overhead. That is really valuable to us!
- Lead developer of Electronic Trading House.

The exercises were hard so I needed the help of Jeroen. That is good because then I learn! I didn't experience that before in a course.
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Performance Aware Java Coding

1 day: on request

In the jPinpoint Performance Aware Java Coding training you learn to prevent performance defects in Java applications. The training is aimed at recognizing performance defects in Java code and learning best practices to write code without performance defects. Instructor: Jeroen Borgers, Java performance consultant.


This training is aimed at experienced Java developers and hands-on architects. Java programming experience is required.

Training setup

In this knowledge intensive training we will discuss various Java performance pitfalls and best practices, their appearance, performance problems they cause and ways to solve and prevent them. Students are invited to bring their own code with them to review in the training.

What will I learn?

- recognize the most common Java performance coding defects;
- understand performance problems caused by performance defects;
- write code utilizing best performance practices for Java.

Who participated?

This is a new training based on in-house trainings provided at customers of jPinpoint like Rabobank and jPoint. Top Java architects and developers rated these trainings as good to very good.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe through an e-mail to: By subscribing you agree to the standard training terms. Cost: 700 euro ex.VAT. Location: central Netherlands. Bring a laptop with Eclipse or IntelliJ installed. This training can be provided in English, on request.

Performance Aware Java Coding

  • Introduction Java Performance
  • Java coding best practices
  • Loops, strings, collections
  • Inefficient database access
  • Improper use of Remoting, XML and JSON
  • Inefficient streaming I/O
  • Improper caching

  • Too much memory usage
  • Improper logging
  • Thread-unsafety and lock contention
  • Improper use of Collections
  • Improper use of lambda‚Äôs and streaming API
  • Violation of encapsulation, DRY or SRP