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Heap of stones


I'm going to lead a performance taskforce at my customer. I can apply what I learned immediately!
- P.P. Bakker - Independent consultant.

I actually think this was the best training I ever followed!
R. van den Hoven - Freelancer.

We are now able to solve our memory leak and substantially reduce garbage collection overhead. That is really valuable to us!
- Lead developer of Electronic Trading House.

The exercises were hard so I needed the help of Jeroen. That is good because then I learn! I didn't experience that before in a course.

Training: JVM Heap Analysis

Virtual classroom, 2x4 hours

The heap is the memory space where objects are created in the JVM. We will look at how objects are allocated and retained and how it can affect your application's memory usage and performance. You will learn to analyze heap dumps with proper tools and understand what those tools show you. After this training you should have enough knowledge to identify and solve memory inefficiencies, memory leaks and other reasons for out of memory crashes. Instructor: Jeroen Borgers, Java performance consultant.

For whom?

Recommended for developers that use a language that is run on the JVM like Java, Kotlin or Scala.

What do I learn?

• how memory is structured and managed in the JVM
• how to tune the heap
• to profile memory usage of your application
• to utilize Eclipse MAT to analyze heap dumps
• how objects are retained
• how to solve memory problems like leaks
• how to save memory with Graal

Training setup

The training consists of theory, quizes and practical assignments on a lab environment. It can be provided as virtual classroom, in-house and customized for more effectiveness.

How to get the best results?

The best effectiveness and results are achieved with customization by use of heap dumps of customer company apps. Contact us for in-house options.

Who participated?

Java software engineers from,etc appreciated this training with an average of 8.5.

How do I subscribe?

Contact us for dates. Subscribe by e-mail to: By subscribing you agree to the standard training terms. Cost: 945 euro p.p. ex.VAT. Use of your laptop with the lab environment on VirtualBox. Can be provided in Dutch or English, on request.

JVM Heap Analysis

  • Introduction
  • JVM memory management
  • Tuning the heap
  • Memory profiling
  • Eclipse Memory Analyze Tool
  • Solving Memory Problems
  • Saving memory with Graal