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Java Performance Training


I'm going to lead a performance taskforce at my customer. I can apply what I learned immediately!
- P.P. Bakker - Independent consultant.

I actually think this was the best training I ever followed!
R. van den Hoven - Freelancer.

We are now able to solve our memory leak and substantially reduce garbage collection overhead. That is really valuable to us!
- Lead developer of Electronic Trading House.

The exercises were hard so I needed the help of Jeroen. That is good because then I learn! I didn't experience that before in a course.
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Accelerating Java applications

3 days: 23-25 March 2020 | Covers Java 8&11

In the jPinpoint Accelerating Java applications training you learn to structurally improve the speed of Java applications. The training is aimed at finding, removing and preventing of speed limitations in Java applications. Instructor: Jeroen Borgers, Java performance consultant.


This training is aimed at experienced Java developers, architects, performance testers and operators. Java programming experience is an advantage but not required.

Training setup

In this intensive training we combine about 50% theory with 50% hands-on. Maximum 12 participants.

What will I learn?

- recognize the most common Java performance problems;
- deal with performance requirements, measurements and the subjective experience;
- put performance in agile, devOps, microservices and architecture context;
- monitor/tune JVM, heap and garbage collector, incl. newest gc;
- profile applications with tools to pinpoint performance issues;
- how to solve most occurring problems with advanced tools.

Who participated?

Top Java architects, developers, performance testers and operators of a.o. Rabobank, KLM,, DeltaLloyd/OHRA,, Triodos bank, Atos, Logica, Trivento, freelancers. Their average rating for this training: 8.3 out of 10.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe through an e-mail to: By subscribing you agree to the standard training terms. Cost: 1950 euro ex.VAT. Location: Driebergen. Participants need to bring a laptop with VirtualBox installed. This training can be provided in English, on request.

Day 1: Overview of performance

  • Definition of performance
  • Most common problems
  • Agile performance requirements
  • Time measurements
  • Subjective performance
  • Performance testing
  • Performance in DevOps, microservices and architecture
  • Performance on OS level

Day 2: Monitoring and garbage collection

  • Database and I/O interaction
  • JVM level monitoring
  • Application server monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • JVM memory management
  • Garbage collection strategies
  • GC logs visualization
  • Tuning heap and GC

Day 3: Performance tuning

  • CPU/Time profiling
  • Thread profiling
  • Memory profiling
  • Getting results quickly
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Object retention
  • Solving memory problems