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Application Performance Services


Structurally improve your applications performance and your application performance management.

Hands-on performance consultancy on architecture, during development and in the operation.

Performance training and coaching for architects, developers and operators.


jPinpoint can help in case you have incidents in production or pre-production, concerning stability or performance of your enterprise Java application running on any application server. We will help to solve the problems.

Performance Quick Scan

jPinpoint can quickly analyze performance and stability issues in production, pre-production or test environment. jPinpoint will provide a short report for you with specific recommendations to solve the issues.

Performance Audit

jPinpoint can thoroughly analyze the complete product life cycle in your organization concerning application performance and stability and its management. You will receive a report with practical recommendations aimed at structurally solving performance and stability problems.

Introducing Application Lifecycle Performance Management

jPinpoint can introduce the structural solution to your organisation with Application Lifecycle Performance Management. This consists of several performance activities using suitable tools in the application lifecycle to ensure great performance of your IT systems in production. It covers the phases: requirements, architecture, development, acceptance and production.

Performance Trainings

jPinpoint provides open and in-house performance trainings. Training 3 days: Accelerating Java applications. Trainings 1 day: Performance Aware Coding, JVM Time & CPU Profiling, JVM Garbage Collection, JVM Heap Analysis.